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A Roadmap For Holistic Child Development

Motor skills

Our activities involve hands-on experience, promoting your child’s fine motor skills by improving hand-eye coordination and gripping.

Critical and Logical thinking

Your child is encouraged to make well-informed decisions through thought-provoking learning activities and understand the reasons.

Creativity and Innovating skills

There’s nothing wilder than your kid’s imagination. Our activity-based learning enhances your child’s creativity by helping them think outside the box.

Higher-order thinking Skills

A learning experience where education is not just about memorising facts but understand and question them.

Cognitive Development

This is essential for children, and brain development is a part of cognitive development. It helps children to understand their interactions.

Communication Skills

Our extensive educational kit focuses on helping your child improve their vocabulary and communication skills.

Why Educrate?

Maths can never be daunting to your kids anymore. Our fun math activities excite your kids, and we present simpler approaches.

We believe that kid is unique, and they do things at their own pace. Our curriculum is developed in a way that kids can learn at their convenience.

We offer comprehensive learning where every concept is dealt with thoroughly by our professional team of educational experts.

We overcome the problem in conventional education with our engaging materials that excite children to participate and involve.

All our informative activities align with the academic curriculum and compliment your child’s education.

A holistic learning kit that meets all the needs of children by covering all aspects of practical education.

We are more than happy to help and guide you anytime. We offer 24/7 digital support to aid your child’s learning journey.

The Complete Education For Your Child


Your kid learns the complex ideas that are simplified by us through our innovative activity-based approach towards education.


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Your child’s enthusiasm to learn will grow after trying Educrate because it is a fun way to learn.


Children continually get distracted, and Educrate is a perfect solution as our curriculum involves engaging activities that will boost their enthusiasm.

Try Our Worksheet For Free

We understand that you are concerned about your child’s learning. It can be a tough thing to find out what works the best for your child. We focus on activity-based learning that kindles the joy of education. We strive to make learning a fun experience for your kids so that they are always excited about it.

Our prime objective is to help children learn by trying to do things. So it is best if you actually try us out. We believe that once you try our worksheets, you and your kids will love the experience. The worksheet is a glimpse of what we offer in our unique curriculum. Download our free worksheet and unlock your child’s enthusiasm for learning.


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