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How Can Activity-based Learning Make Mathematics Fun And Easy?


Does your child love mathematics?
Are you worried about your child’s competency?
Does your child consider a book full of problems energy-draining?
Does your child find mathematics difficult, tedious and seems disinterested in solving problems?
Do they have an aversion towards numbers? Your child’s scores are less, along with attention span & concentration issues?

Then, we have one single solution to all your worries and confusion. Our Educrate kit is the only homeschooling kit in India that uses activity-based learning approaches making learning maths fun and engaging!


Our Educrate kit consists of Math activities for grades 1 to 6, including multiplication worksheets and others. Our vision is to develop an overall competent child for a better and brighter future while making your child’s learning fun and giving way to improve their extracurricular activities.

Every child is unique, focusing on the most important traits required for transforming your child into the most competent person. Following are the skills of competency that our Activity-based learning kit provides:

  • Critical & Logical reasoning
  • Communication skills
  • High order thinking
  • Cognitive development
  • Creative & innovative thinking

Let’s read how our Educrate worksheets help your child in excelling.

Simplifying Maths With Activity-based Learning:

Our simplified and unique method is not only about mathematical tricks; it provides insights into the very nature of the subject and the human psyche.

It must be emphasised that our approach towards maths highlights the mental processes and principles that take place in the mind while engaged in mathematical activity. These processes are not random but are reasonable, ordered and highly flexible.

Important Features of Activity-based Learning:

Simplicity: One Step solution for any kind of complex mathematical problem is the most satisfying feature of Vedic maths.

Creativity: The right methodology to solve any mathematical problem is to look into all the perspectives. This step encourages creativity and induces your child to find a unique approach to solve any problem, their way with confidence.

Quick & Accurate Results: The formulas we teach never fails to give you accurate answers with just a step away.

Intuitional abilities: The maths tricks mould your child into a confident personality, thereby increasing their intuition capabilities.

Improve Memory and Concentration: Where the calculations are done mentally and with very few steps, the activeness of their brain cells are improved.

How is Activity-based Learning Beneficial to your Child?

Activity-based learning makes it easier for your child to get through the most rigid calculations at ease. With minimum effort involved, students could retrace the steps and formulas without any difficulty.

When the basics are simple, any child can solve any number of problems using their intuitions like the complex problems involving cube roots & others.

The most crucial benefit in learning Maths is that it involves the usage of both left and right sides of the brain for innovation and intuition, developing their performance of solving the problem in the most exceptional ways.


Our worksheets act as an instrument to practice mental calculations, when practiced in the correct manner, could help your child perform better in competitive exams such as CAT.

Our Educrate homeschooling kit is curated to cater for all types of learners, making them independent and loving their maths problems. While reading the article, one must have understood the importance of Vedic maths in our children’s future.

Choose our fun-based activity kit for enhancing your child’s learning experience, being an achiever’s choice.

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