How Do We Function

How the schools works

An absolute alternative education, blended with latest technology especially for 21st century kids.

It’s a school which happens completely on Online (in our own My Child Can’s digital platform).

This is a school which is going to happen completely on online. With certified teachers, the support and structure of a school community, and curriculum that's online and hands-on activities, students learn in the way that's right for them. Its a boon for School drop outs and homeschoolers.

How does it merit the students?

Along with strengthening their fundamentals, this method will stimulate their brains, increasing their IQ levels, thus equipping them better.

You may be wondering about our online Schooling student's screen time. My Child Can's online school offers an individualized learning experience that includes a nice mix of time at the computer during the day time i.e forenoon with teachers, lessons, and assignments along with hands-on activities that make personalized learning real.


My Child Can-powered online programs include independent projects away from the screen, online connections with teacher and fellow classmates, check-ins with their Learning Coach (their parent or another responsible adult), and even activities such as field trips and class events.

Most importantly, My Child Can-powered programs still offer your child the chance to interact with other kids their own age (online)—because schooling, after all, is an incredibly important time for your child to explore, socialize, and make new friends.