Program & Class


Our program and curriculum is unique because we strongly believe that every child is unique and versatile.

Being a home schooling kid, they tend to forget easily. By having that in mind, we designed the curriculum in such a way it inspires them in all the ways. Each and every concept is well framed to feed all caters.

My Child Can focuses on student centric curriculum and teaching. Our facilitators identifies the student’s understanding language and make the students to understand the subject in the way they understand.

Our curriculum writers & facilitators are well trained & experienced to handle the students of different grades. In adequate to academic excellence, we focus on add on programs (life oriented education) which fulfills all the aspects in students life.

As per our tag line “360* leaning round the clock we guide the parents to became learning coach, taking every step towards completion is our motto.

Innovation & creativity is optimal point in the curriculum creation & student centric is the key path we fellow, we have derived fifteen and more modules which is phenomenal part in the curriculum. On top of all these, the curriculum is framed based on educational psychology.

My Child Can offers a wonderful unique programs which gives a great knowledge to the VAK (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic) learners and gives a 360* learning. We teach students in various modules

  • Lab items (100+ lab items)
  • Indoor and Outdoor activities
  • Field trip
  • Story
  • Origami
  • Art & Craft
  • Reference
  • Mind mapping
  • Role play
  • Worksheets
  • Audio and visual (AR/VR)
  • Skit
  • Songs
  • Projects
  • Documentation