Multiplication worksheets In India | Math activities for grades 1 to 6 in India | MyChildCan

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Grade 1

Using our kit children begin to understand the concept which develops logical and reasoning skills. Our activity-based curriculum develops curiosity which sets the tone for learning at an early age

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Grade 2

With the help of our Activity-based curriculum, children begin to work with large numbers, which develops a stronger understanding. It is an everyday skill.

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Grade 3

Here the children get introduced to vast new topics, so we have introduced amazing facts which sets the positive tone for new topics.

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Grade 4

Engage your kids the right way with our activity-based learning approach. Education makes fun and interactive.

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Grade 5

Primary to middle grade foundation happens here. Children step into the real world of mathematics. So building confidence in learning advanced mathematics is so important at this age.

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Your kid learns the complex ideas that are simplified by us through our innovative activity-based approach towards education.


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Your child’s enthusiasm to learn will grow after trying Educrate because it is a fun way to learn.


Children continually get distracted, and Educrate is a perfect solution as our curriculum involves engaging activities that will boost their enthusiasm.