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Unique Curriculum & Pedagogy

The 21st century students are challenging at the same time they are dependent on gadgets for various reasons. Instead of blaming them, let’s start guiding them towards the goal.

Most of the children feels the academics is boring and hard. In order to eradicate the same feel My Child Can has designed the curriculum according to the taste of the students. If the academic is interesting & inspiring, the students are ready to sit for hours together. Our curriculum team have taken the concept from their syllabus & designed the teaching mechanism which is apt for digital teaching.

More than 275000 students have chosen My Child Can as a regular schooling and supplementary. If you want to take part in My Child Can (Click the link)


Our uniqueness

If a child cannot learn by the way we teach, teach the way the child can understand – Plutarch

  • Advanced Activity Based Learning
  • Career readiness programs
  • Skill enhancement course
  • Augmented and Virtual reality (AR/VR)
  • A versatile curriculum skill enhancement courses (10+ courses)
  • Moral value imparted curriculum
  • Sign language
  • Individualized Educational plan (IEP) based on Multiple intelligence
  • Customized learning with affordable price
  • Individual attention
  • Medical, Educational, psychological & family counsellor consultation if needed for free of cost
  • Parental guidance
  • Career guidance
  • Explorer and exploration
  • Flexibility in time & duration (tuition)
  • Option to choose the faculty (tuition)
  • A complete guidance for physical, mental & social excellence
  • Classes will be handled in My Child Can platform
  • Embedded to their school syllabus
  • Monthly assessment
  • Virtual get together for parents to brain storm
  • Customized education for personalized learning.